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Wicked Good Life (style)

Wicked Good News – We are hoping to start video and blog posts towards our new #wickedgoodlife series, as a spin off of our Wicked Good Chiro & Wicked Good Lifestyle Facebook & Instagram pages. It will be full of great ideas on how to live healthier, fun facts about all of our services; like […]

3 tips to doing DETOX right

General Wellness, Metabolic Detoxification 3 Tips to Doing Detox Right Nowadays, detoxing is on everyone’s mind, especially when living in increasingly toxic environments and experiencing negative health effects. If you think that a detox might be right for you, there’s a way to do it right and ensure you are safely achieving the results you […]


Why Foam Rolling

Why foam rolling? June 2017 Posted By WebExercises Why foam rolling? Benefits of foam rolling for self-myofascial relief Self-myofascial relief is a self-massage technique that you can apply to release muscle tightness or trigger points. It can be performed with various tools, the foam roller being one of the most popular. Using a foam roller […]

CBD Oil and how it can help you

It took Friends, Friends of friends and patients to keep talking about how CBD oil is amazing, It was helping them with a wide variety of complaints, Including anxiety, pain, weight loss, feeling happy again…This got me thinking and researching. Of course as this article in a respected Chiropractic magazine will tell you its the WILD […]


WG Bootcamp

Save the Date! We’re getting healthy together! WG Bootcamp Tuesday Jan.12 @ 6pm 12 week meet up with like minded individuals for a semi-private Dr supervised workout and nutrition bootcamp. We will be hosting food learning classes & a variety of workouts 2-3 times per week for optimum results. Looking for interest..can only accept 6-10 […]

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Quick and Easy Recipes with Chirothin

DECEMBER 2, 2015 BY WICKED GOOD WELLNESS GROUP http://www.chirothinweightloss.com/blog/entry/quick-and-easy-meals-on-the-chirothin-plan Studies have shown that the more often you cook at home, the more successful your weight loss plan will be. However, busy schedules often eat into cooking time and derail your good intentions. Quick and easy meals can keep you on track with your very low […]