Our Clients say it best!

Thank you for the adjustment today.  Boy, did you get my neck good; it snapped, crackled, & popped.  After that leg stretching on the new exam table, my right leg and hip hurt for a while.  I was concerned that it would be a problem, but the pain is gone.

Thank you for the Christmas hug, that meant a lot to me.  Thank you for all the help throughout the year.  And thank you for offering orthopedic massage.  I tell you truly, I feel like my body is healed.  I know that it isn’t, I know I have a back problem, but I am almost free of pain now, and something that I thought was impossible.

One day you told me: “We’re not trying to cure your back problem; we’re managing it.”  Well, I never thought we could remove the pain part.  But we have.  And I have you to thank for it.

Sarah and Rebecca helped with several issues and I depend on the advice they provide. My attitude is “help me feel better” and they have kept me active.

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