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Treating Symptoms Versus Treating the Person

In the dominant health care model today, medication is used to get rid of people’s symptoms. If the patient stops taking the medication, symptoms generally return. Functional Medicine approaches health problems differently. Instead of masking the problem, it aims at restoring the body’s natural functioning. Although Functional Medicine practitioners may prescribe pharmaceuticals, they are used […]

Quicker results with Chiropractic -Low Back Pain

Welcome to the Wicked Good Wellness Blog. Information and education is so important in health. At Wicked Good we try to continue to help educate our clients with the latest and greatest of research on health and healthy habits. http://www.chironexus.net/2015/01/chiropractic-offers-quicker-back-pain-recovery-medical-care/ Here is a link to a research article that proves that Chiropractic care is more […]