Biofreeze Guide: Why do people swear by this stuff?*

bio freeze gel

* Wicked Good is an authorized Biofreeze re-seller. Biofreeze can only be sold at healthcare professionals and facilities.

New formula Biofreeze offers even greater pain relief

Biofreeze has long been the #1 clinically used and recommended topical analgesic.  Now, though, it is even better. The enhanced formula is:

  • more natural than ever (uses no waxes, oils or petroleum),
  • 100% paraben-free, and available in both green and colorless versions.
  • Just like the old Biofreeze, the new version has no greasy feel or odor and won’t stain your clothes.

Is the change in Biofreeze really an improvement?

The manufacturer of Biofreeze was very cautious about changing the best-selling Biofreeze formulation.  Nothing was left to chance.
Development of the new formula involved more than two years of testing and refinement.  Finally, an extensive study validated the change:  4 out of 5 users preferred the new Biofreeze Pain Reliever.  It is an improvement.
If you are looking for fast-acting, penetrating, long-lasting pain relief, Biofreeze delivers.
Part of the reason is ilex, an herbal extract from a South American holly shrub.  Used traditionally by Paraguayan Indians to enhance the effectiveness of their medicines, today ilex is incorporated into various preparations worldwide to enhance health and wellness.
Who can benefit from Biofreeze?

The new Biofreeze with ilex helps provide quick and penetrating relief from:

  • arthritis pain,
  • back pain,
  • neck, hip and leg pain,
  • painful joints,
  • ankle or foot pain,
  • sports injuries,
  • muscle soreness or strain, or
  • shoulder and arm discomfort.

Biofreeze works for both acute and chronic pain.

How does Biofreeze help with acute pain?

For almost 20 years, patients and clinicians have relied on Biofreeze’s cryotherapy effects to manage the pain of bodily sprains and strains.  A recent study reported in theClinical Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that Biofreeze and ice both have the same effect in reducing blood flow.  Applied following an acute injury or after strenuous activity, they lower the metabolic demand on injured tissues and help reduce pain.
Biofreeze is used by health care professionals worldwide to aid in physical rehabilitation.  Pre-treating acute areas of muscle spasm, for instance, allows those muscles to relax more quickly, improving treatment response. By facilitating relaxation, Biofreeze aids in ultrasound treatments, massage, and rehab on many areas of the body.

In a similar way, many athletes rely on Biofreeze, using it before and after workouts to help relieve pain. Some will put a packet of Biofreeze into a dixie cup with water and freeze it to use as an ice massage.  Studies suggest that  combining Biofreeze with ice application accomplishes a greater reduction in blood flow (40%) than either used alone (26% to 28%).
Folks in general also turn to Biofreeze to help with sore muscles and general aches and pains. They find it lessens discomfort and helps restore strength, enabling a quicker return to daily activities. Interestingly, a study found that when Biofreeze gel was applied to one leg, blood flow was also reduced on the opposite leg, suggesting Biofreeze’s action has a systemic effect.  This is significant, since pain is regulated by the central nervous system.

Why use Biofreeze for chronic pain?

As valuable as Biofreeze is to those with acute pain, it may be doubly so for those who struggle with pain on a day in, day out basis.
Individuals with arthritis (and there are some 23 million of them in the USA alone) are among those who live with pain.  Because there are currently no cures for arthritis, sufferers seek ways to keep their pain manageable.  Often this means pain killers, with their potent side effects.  To these individuals Biofreeze offers an invaluable alternative, an approach to easing pain that is topical and without the complications that accompany oral pain killers.
What features does this new Biofreeze have?

The new Biofreeze is a unique, effective pain reliever formulated to provide a variety of benefits for therapy, pain relief, exercise/training and overall comfort.  It features:

  • easy application
  • quick penetration
  • enhanced and more natural formula
  • dye-free (colorless) option
  • 100% paraben-free
  • proprietary herbal blend
  • effective skin conditioners
  • greaseless and non-staining, with vanishing scent

Biofreeze pain reliever was developed without animal testing.  It is manufactured in the USA.
Biofreeze comes in gel, spray, roll-on and single-use applications.  Combine Biofreeze with Therabands for effective rehab following injury.