In Response to the FDA Crackdown on HCG Companies

BEWARE of Buying Products From The Internet!!!!

New Update on the FDA (12/15/2011):

The FDA and FTC have indicated the kinds of language that can trigger these concerns and potential enforcement actions within the letters they sent to the 7 companies manufacturing and distributing OTC (over-the counter) and online.  Some of the keywords are “Permanent Weight Loss,” and “Lose 30 Pounds In 26 Days,” –  In essence, referencing specific amounts of weight loss in a specific amount of time.

You will notice that these keywords have been removed from these advertisements and we’ll continue to avoid them into the future.  You’ll notice our new tagline is “6 Weeks To A New You.” Begin using this new tag line in all print ads and external marketing.

Our Company did NOT get a letter, although they have updated all marketing “wording” associated with the product.

Good Morning ChiroHCG Doc’s,

By now many of you have probably heard rumors or read articles stating that Homeopathic HCG has been pulled off the market by the FDA.  This is not accurate!

On Tuesday (12/6/2011), 7 large on-line sellers of HCG received notification that they are to stop selling their HCG products.  From what we can discern, it appears that the issue is marketing related due to some of the statements the on-line retailers are making and the fact that there is no physician involved in the recommendation, administration and/or supervision of the individual while recommending a VLCD.

Neither our manufacturer nor ChiroNutraceutical have received the above mentioned letter.  Because of this, we are still able to manufacture and ship our formula.

If you are still concerned, please know that we have had the formulation for a hormone-free version of our product for nearly 9 months.  This formulation does not use any form of HCG in the manufacturing process and the finished product does not contain HCG.  I have instructed our manufacturer to begin production of this formula and it should be “bottle ready” in 2-4 weeks, should you wish to begin using this formula in your office.

So you are aware, it has been 1 year to the day since the FDA made their last comments regarding homeopathic HCG.  As I said last year, the FDA has always frowned upon anything that causes people to get healthier that Big Pharma cannot profit from.

Please know that we are staying on top of this matter and will do everything in our power to keep helping people live healthier and happier lives.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Jason Strotheide