Why R Chiro’s so Weird?

As I was checking my 9 year old baby girl Sophia for an upper neck misalignment due to the beginning stages of ear pain – which by the way helps 90% of the time from ear pain becoming an ear infection, she asked me why wouldn’t everyone get adjusted?

To which I thought? Why doesn’t everyone get an adjustment? Even for prevention?

I have helped so many each day in the office, with many different complaints…I wondered.chiroprator doing adjustment on male patient in chirpractic office

Is it because some chiropractors are so weird? And trust me I’ve met a few. After a conversation with a cousin who lives too far away to be a patient of mine, he is a police office in CT…and he was saying he finally went to a chiropractor that wasn’t a weirdo, and he liked it & he felt better – as we were roller skating – yes, that still exists & its fun! I recommend to try it again sometime!

Of course this made me laugh, but also interested to try to figure out why.

One can seem over zealous at times, as with anyone who is excited and wants to share what they know.

“Look well to the spine for the causes of disease.”  Hippocrates

There is a belief in chiropractic that we can help, and in inherent willingness to do so. Which can come off “weird” we are so eager to share our knowledge of innate (ill define that later), nutrition, gut health, neurology, how all of this if affecting one another and how your spine out of alignment and posture is affecting that. It is a vicious circle –but with the right help in the right places can be changed to work for you, not against you.

Research has proven that Chiropractic can boost your immune system, that it does have an affect on your nervous system (yes, that means your brain & spinal cord) & more – they call that the innate – your bodies innate ability to heal, we are self healing organisms – think about that next time you have a cut. Obviously Chiropractic is known for pain & has been marketed to the public as an answer for pain and that’s what we see most every day, and yes it helps with pain too.

I’m thinking the very difference between passion, excitement and where that can be off-putting is just that, us chiro’s tend to get overexcited about being able to help, to really help you with not just your back pain, but with restoring the quality of your life, to be able to go out and walk, or golf, or whatever.

& if that makes me weird, I’ll take it…because I make a difference in the lives of many everyday & I LOVE IT!
Thoughts of a Wicked Good Chiropractor
01/04/2019Dr Sarah Corcoran Wicked Good Wellness Mansfield MA